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At the outset of every case involving an allegation of a summary only motoring offence which includes counts of speeding, drink/drug driving, careless driving, no insurance, failing to provide driver details, failing to comply with a traffic sign and the like I offer a fixed fee of £260 for an initial conference which will involve a telephone or video conference not exceeding one hour to advise on plea and sentence. The conference fee will include a detailed report confirming the instructions that you have given to me and the advice that I have given to you. The report will address plea (guilty or not guilty) and likely sentence. Within or accompanying that report will be an estimate of my fee(s) going forward which will be determined by whether the plea is guilty or not guilty and the court location in England and Wales. By virtue of my specialisation in road traffic/transport law I appear in courts throughout England and Wales.

Following the initial conference I will offer a fixed fee for every case which means that you will know what the cost will be from the start. There will be no need to worry about large legal bills and there will be no hidden charges.

By way of illustration my fixed fee for a summary only guilty plea motoring offence in my local magistrates’ court (Southampton) is currently £670 which is in addition to the £260 initial conference fee. The further fixed fee includes:

Preparation – considering evidence and vetting any references.

Attendance and representation at a single hearing at the magistrates’ court. This includes all waiting, conference, advocacy, travel time and travel disbursements.

Reporting the outcome to you.

The above fixed fees do not include instructing any expert witnesses, taking statements from and examining witnesses or advice and assistance in relation to any appeal. However, whatever scenario presents itself I will always aim to agree a fixed fee or fees going forward at the various stages of a case so that you know exactly where you stand in regard to my legal fees and disbursements. I am not registered for VAT purposes and so VAT will not be added to my fees.

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