Road Traffic Law
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Road Traffic Law


• Careless driving
• Dangerous driving
• Drink driving and failing to provide specimens
• Drivers’ hours and records
• Driving licences
• Failure to name the driver
• Lack of insurance
• Sentencing and mitigation
• Speeding offences
• Traffic signal offences

Some speeding cases that I have undertaken have involved complex issues. I have conducted a multiplicity of cases involving successful challenges on the accuracy of speed readings produced by laser speed measuring devices. I have also conducted defences of speeding allegations where the adequacy of the speed limit signing at camera enforcement sites was in issue. In one year alone (2005) hundreds of motorists had their speeding convictions and sentences set aside as a result of motorists represented by me being acquitted or having their cases discontinued. The enforcement sites concerned were at Starcross in Devon on the A379 between Exeter and Dawlish which involved a 30mph limit on an unlit section of road and the A303 at Folly Bottom near Amesbury in Wiltshire which involved a temporary 40mph speed limit imposed during roadworks.

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